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About Us

When you care about people you fight hard to win...

We are a firm of lawyers based in western and north western Sydney who have done and do enough Family Law to know that there needs to be a healthy discussion on various issues of reform in the Family Court system.

Over many years the role of the Family Law system has become more and more complex. Abuse which was once more rare seems to be a common theme of many parenting matters. Family violence if not more prevalent is certainly more reported and recognised and drug use and mental health decline is a more too often ingredient in matters before the Court.

However, as the mix of dysfunction in families has increased resources in the Family Law system have not been increased to meet that demand.

Michael Vassili, our principal, has for a long time advocated for a total overall of how we assist families in crisis. In amongst that is the creation of a body which looks at the multi faceted conflicts with panels of experts and not adversarial lawyers.

This site is set up to provide an opportunity for informed debate. On that issue, as the site is moderated the following rules apply:

No identification of parties / or reference to names of parties / practitioners or judges will be permitted

Any post which is a "rant" and general complaint will be removed

Constructive discussion will remain.

This site is not a democracy owned by the people for the people - it is set up as a useful tool to encourage constructive discussion about the Family Law system such that focus on the children involved can ultimately be achieved.

Thank You

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